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Fitness Center "Forma"

Fitness clubs

Welcome to "Forma" fitness centre, the sports club for those who understands that health, strength and beauty will help them to achieve success, to improve your lifestyle, to look attractive and stylish.

Fitness club Wellness Spa «Formula»

Fitness clubs

Wellness Spa "Formula" offers an absolutely new approach to your health and beauty. All improving and rejuvenating procedures and services of the club are presented in two base directions – Eastern and Western.

Fitness club "Shtorm"

Fitness clubs

"Storm" is an important step to a healthy lifestyle. "Storm" is the achievement of your goals among beautiful and healthy people. "Storm" is the place where your desire to make the life brighter and more interesting comes true.

Beach "Langeron"


"Langeron" The oldest beach in Odessa, “Lanzheron”, is the closest to the city historical centre. Once there used to be the summer house of one of Odessa governors named Lanzheron. Now it is one of the most popular beaches – here there are always lots of local people and tourists. Over the beach there is an arch – the only reminder of Lanzeron summer house , near the arch now there is a parking On the map one can find Lanzheron cape which bounds the Odessa gulf from the South .

Beach “Chkalovskiy”


“Chkalovskiy” It is considered one of the largest nudist beaches in Odessa. Actually it is a paradox, as you can find this beach just fifteen minutes from the city centre. This location is appreciated by numerous fans of beautiful suntan.

Beach “Dolphin”


“Dolphin” One of the popular beaches in Odessa is the beach called Dolphin, which has perfectly developed infrastructure. The beach is one kilometre long, it was opened in 1968. For travelers with a car it might be the best option. You can go down to the seaside by car and leave you car on a protected parking some metres over the beach.

Beach "Otrada"


"Otrada" "Otrada", (which means 'Joy' in Russian) is one of the most favourite beaches of the local people and the tourists. The beach is situated in a nice green zone not far from Shevchenko Park and "Lanzeron" beach. One can easily get to "Otrada" beach from the railway station walking for about 15- 20 minutes.

Beach "Arcadia''


"Arcadia'' It is considered one of the most popular and visited places in summer. The beach is located in Primorskiy district of Odessa and is considered one of its attractions. The beach is as old as Odessa itself. Before the revolution here, near the beach, there was the most popular restaurant in the city which was also called "Arcadia".

Beach "Gold Coast"


"Gold Coast" One of the most favourite beaches especially for locals is the beach "Gold Coast". The beach is on the sixteenth station of Big Fountain. They say, the name of this beach is connected with a ship-wreck of a Turkish ship near its coast. The ship transported some gold and, when it sank, people found some gold on the beach. Since that time the beach has got its name.

Beach "Luzanovka"


"Luzanovka" The beach is located forty minutes by minibus from the centre of the city, not far from the new area of the city - poselok Kotovskogo, one of modern "dormitory' suburbs of Odessa. This beach is unusual as it was created by the Nature itself - it has no breakwater walls and nor piers. Going on foot along the seashore can bring you lots of pleasure. The beach is one and a half kilometres long. Near the beach there is a park zone perfect for a small picnic. There are no long staircases leading to the beach, Luzanovka has no steep slopes.

Beach "Chernomorka"


Beach "Chernomorka" It is located in the suburb of the same name; this beach is outside of the Odessa gulf, so the sea water temperature during the swimming season is a bit lower due to its location.

Beach "Itaka"


Beach "Itaka" It is located in Arkadia, behind the night club "Itaka". The beach works 24 hours, paid entrance, on weekdays- 50 UAH, at weekend – 100 UAH.

Beach "Riviera"


Beach "Riviera" It is situated on the 13th station of the Big Fountain and is considered to be one of the main attractions of the city in summer. On the territory of the beach there are some good restaurants and night clubs .There is also a rescue tower, a first-aid office and a police station. The entrance fee.

PORTOFINO beach resort


PORTOFINO beach resort is a new beach located in one of the most picturesque corners of Odessa in Arcadia zone. It is a fantastic combination of beauty and comfort, reminding you of the Italian Riviera. «PORTOFINO» beach resort has its own beach complex, a restaurant, a lounge-club and a concert hall.

Beach "Treasure island"


The beach "Treasure island" is located on the territory of 'Otrada", not far from the railway station. On the beach near the water there is a stylish night club. On the territory of the beach there is a rescue tower, a first-aid office and a police station. The entrance to the beach is free.

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